Tattoo Care

At Sakred Skinz, we take your personal care seriously. Please review some helpful tips to get the best out of your tattoo.

  • After an hour of arriving home, remove the bandage or wrap. Then proceed to use unscented soap and water with a clean soft cloth to wash area of your tattoo. We do not recommend using light colored cloth or  towel.

  • Only pat wash and then rinse. Pat dry as well, using a clean towel. Rubbing will cause irritation and will damage your tattoo.

  • Apply a thin layer of ointment to area of tattoo. We recommend AFTER INKED  tattoo moisturizer for consistent healing results.

  • Reapply when needed, usually 2-3 times per day. Up to 2 weeks.

  • When showering or bathing follow steps 2-4 and try not to let shower spray hit directly on tattoo.

  • COLD COMPRESS-If swelling and burning persists try applying a damp cold cloth to your tattoo for only a few minutes at a time. Your tattoo still needs to breathe.

  • Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo when it scabs over!!!

  • Any questions contact your tattoo artist.

  • If a reaction or an infection occurs contact your physician.